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Have a look at our great photos from our recent fashion demonstration and show held in our store recently

Autumn/Winter Collection now in stock

We are delighted to announce we now have the latest autumn/winter collection now in-store

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Lunabella at Mourneabbey Fashion Show

Lunabella had the pleasure recently of showcasing their spring/summer collection at Mourneabbey fashion show. The fashion show was run in aid of Mourneabbey’s Ladies Football Club.


Racing Home for Easter Best Dressed Lady in association with LunaBella Mallow

We would like to congratulate Ann Nash from Co. Limerick on winning 1st prize at the Racing home for Easter Festival’s Best Dressed Lady competition.

Transitioning Your Clothes from winter to spring

Be careful of colour

Winter is a time of blacks, dark browns and greys. Summer, on the other hand, is a time when the pastels can come out — the yellows, blues and even pinks. But these brighter hues are a bit premature during the early months of spring. Instead of pastels, you should stick to darker colours and less neutral tones like muted reds, mid-range blues and earthy greens. As summer begins to draw near, you can finally begin to lighten up your wardrobe by moving toward pastels.

Put away the heavy stuff

Fashion actually allows some practicality when it comes to dictating the types of materials you should no longer be wearing by the end of winter. Any materials that are meant to keep you very warm should be retired at this time. Examples include wool, flannel, fleece, “puffy” jackets, and anything with fur. Turtlenecks also scream winter, so you may want to let them hibernate until late October.
Finally, your heavy coats can be substituted with light denim, corduroy, leather, suede, or sports jackets. Try a brown leather jacket, as brown is a big colour this year and fits better than black with the onset of spring.

Layer with style

One of the most important principles to embrace during this period of transition is layering. Layering allows you to be comfortable in drastic temperature swings and unpredictable weather. You can just shed a few layers if you’re getting hot, or put them back on if you’re getting cold.

The key to layering is sticking to light layers. A great clothing ensemble might be a black T-shirt covered by a grey form-fitting sweater, and topped off with a black leather jacket. So, no matter what the temperature does, you’ll be prepared.

Another example might be wearing a long-sleeve crew-neck shirt under a short-sleeve button-down shirt. Use your imagination as countless combinations are possible.


You’re Ready for Spring

This Spring

This Spring/Summer you will find yourself wrapped in vivid prints, stripes and geometric prints adorned with fabulous vivid colours like coral, greens and purples as well as soft neutrals.

Dresses will remain a must have but the main theme this spring is somewhat tailored and classic with a touch of bold and edgy.



We all have black in the wardrobe! Why not invest in a Katherine Hepburn look with a twist, a print tailored blazer as you see here to update your wardrobe. Rediscover the bold colours left in the back of your wardrobe to co-ordinate.



Many fashions this season, especially blouses and tops will be sewed up with the up most intrically touting pleats, folds and draping. Designers are following a Greek and Roman trend.

Though for the month:

Invest in quality, wearable pieces.

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